Ben Soleimani


Ben Soleimani is the visionary and head designer behind Mansour Modern, an acknowledged expert in the luxury rug market, he has begun to translate Mansour's distinguished design legacy to the contemporary rug segment. Reared in the industry, he has a refined sense of color, style and composition that is evident in all his endeavors--from design development to final execution. Rug making is a unique art form, part aesthetic, part physics, Ben's innate knowledge of the nuances of this craft make him able to seamlessly interpret his creative vision into reality. It is here that Ben is in a league of his own, a unique position in the world of design.  His knowledge extends past the visual and inflects itself on the tactile aspects, which in the end will be what makes a rug his own.   His clients and admirers appreciate his innovative approach, unique vision, and reverence for the ultimate designer--Mother nature.  Many of his designs utilize reclaimed and upcycled materials as well as sustainable resources such as hemp, cactus and natural dyes.

A prolific designer, he has created many of the Mansour Modern collections most celebrated pieces, even in his collaborations with designers, his hand is evident in the beauty and quality of the finished pieces.
Ben Solemani's Mansour Modern collection designs have been featured in prominent publications such as Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home, New York Times, Town + Country, House + Garden and Domino amongst many others.